As an integrated project execution company, ACME provides world-class, comprehensive services in the contracting, construction and commissioning for a variety of domestic and international projects spanning a diverse group of sectors including oil & gas, power, petrochemicals, industrial and commercial infrastructures. Our total project approach and leading- edge technologies provide seamless integration with engineering, procurement and execution activities.

By incorporating our expertise early in each phase of a project’s life cycle, we can help generate significant project savings for our clients by proactively anticipating, identifying and resolving potential project challenges. ACME facilitates effective mobilization of equipment and construction team over the Middle East. Whether we use the latest smart chip methods to monitor construction quality and track materials or employ advanced welding processes to improve productivity, ACME continues to set the standard for application of advanced construction technologies.

Commencing the operation in 2007, ACME has executed many projects for their clients in Energy, Industrial and Commercial sectors. ACME’s technical strengths, competitiveness and commitment ensured a steady growth over the years irrespective of the market adversities affected the region.